Channel Jerky, 2016 (Performance documentation, 3 hours)

Law prohibits human species with any fluid content to be in public spaces, except under specific supervisions. Any human species that is not in its “jerky-form” is subject to inspection. For detailed instructions on the extraction procedure, please check Channel Jerky.

The human species came to the solution to extract water and any kinds of body fluid from the adult corpse and store them elsewhere in order to preserve the last bit of water resources, as it is essential to the reproductive system and also brain development. Humans therefore, have adopted a different kind of body structure—a flat sheet of dried flesh (resembling what is commonly known as the beef jerky). They also have the option of rolling up their bodies for easy transportation. Water and body fluids are permitted to replenish back into the human bodies only under two conditions: when knowledge needs to be circulated for the development of their brains (which means in schools, children and adults would be soaked up in water, and rehydrate their brains for the intake of knowledge), and when they need fluids for reproduction.