Do or Die, 2015 (Performance documentation, 8 minutes 13 seconds)

Do or Die (2015) is a second iteration of the performance Savior (2015), adopting a game structure similar to that of the “musical chairs”. Both works see the body as a primary site for contestation, and as an environment that encompasses and extends beyond the human form. The linked silver bodies is not only a physical and social stricture the performers must negotiate with, but also a symbolic vehicle for circulation, communication and exchange among the performers and the audience. The ubiquity of cell-phones as cameras was another way in which the sci-fi mise-en-scene of the game was collapsed with the real world. And then the whole performance devoured itself. Again the question of collectivity emerged as a touchstone, how many bodies can become a whole, incomplete and inconsistent, yet still a group, because they are all tied together, coming apart."